Kansas City, KS (WRT) – With packed voting locations across the state causing voters in some areas to wait hours just to cast their ballot, some have questioned whether or not voting online would be a more efficient way to get everyone involved. One Kansas City local says the wait times are a simple price to pay in order to prevent voter fraud that would be more easily carried out with electronic voting over the internet.

“Electronic voting over the Internet would lead to fraud. It’s safer to count each and every ballot individually either by hand or with the supervised voting machines we have some places now” Mark Brahan stated although earlier this afternoon he sent his social security number via Facebook messenger to his mom. “Voting over the Internet is non-representational data that can be easily manipulated” he continued not having gone to the post office in nearly three months because email messaging has been more efficient and reliable.

“We have to insure that our elections are fair and balanced for both sides.”

At press time, Brahan could be seen going home to where he would pay all of his bills online.