Orlando, FL (WRT) – After weeks of declining polls and pushing through unsuccessful primary results, Presidential Candidate Ben Carson has suspended his campaign- or at least that’s what the crowd took away Friday night after watching the neurosurgeon fall completely asleep for the twenty eight minutes he was on stage.

Ben Carson after CPAC speech taking questions from reporters.

“I think nobody said anything because we were all mostly just really concerned about his arms” explained one 69 year old Orlando native. “Not once did he put down his arms the whole time he was asleep, it was like watching the moon landing.”

“The suspense was killing everybody, we just really wanted to see when he would drop to the floor, and then just nothin’. His arms just stayed there like gravity wasn’t even a thing” said another concerned audience member.

We reached out to Carson’s campaign to better understand what happened tonight, a spokesman for Carson explained that Ben was already in bed, and he wouldn’t know until late Saturday afternoon.