Durham, New Hampshire (WRT) – In what was supposed to be Hillary Clinton’s final sound off before the New Hampshire primary, Hillary Clinton and Hillary Clinton ended up tangled in a fierce one-on-self debate.

“I absolutely disagree that we should be incurring more debt through tuition free community colleges, that’s just too far- it’d never be something we could realistically get passed” said Clinton from 2008. “Look, I’m also realistic on the issues, and I like to get things done. Since I have the EXPERIENCE on the matter, this would benefit the middle class, as would raising the social security tax cap” said Clinton from 2016.

“Absolutely not, if we were to raise the earnings subject to the social security tax, the tax increase would hit middle-class earners directly. I put fiscal responsibility first” reputed Clinton from 2008. “We need reasonable taxes that work with states with their specific situations. Just like how states should maintain many other things, such as their jurisdiction over marriage. I personally believe in what marriage currently is, as do the majority of Americans. But the states should have the final say rather than the federal level getting involved” continued Clinton from 2008.

“That issue is entirely different, because it is a debate of equality which the federal government enforces under the Constitution” a visibly flustered Clinton from 2016 responded with.

At press time, Hillary Clinton from 1998 waited her turn to make a statement in the ongoing argument.