West Roxbury, MA (WRT) – After going into a polling location, talking with poll workers, and holding an event outside another polling location last Tuesday that may have blocked voters from casting their votes for up to two hours, Bill Clinton explained that he had a great time.

“I always try to be an advocate for Hillary where it counts the most, but this Super Tuesday was different, I genuinely had a good time talking with those concerned with making democracy better through their right to vote. This allowed me time to exercise my right to mingle without talking about my wife” the former President said despite probably being an expert in that specific subject.

“We’d have a real electioneering problem if I would have broke out my saxophone. Hillary would have lost Massachusetts to me” President Clinton joked to a silent news room.

Unaware that more than 68,000 people had signed a petition online calling for action to be taken against the former President for violating Massachusetts state election law, President Clinton said “Let’s be realistic, what are they gonna do, throw me in jail for talking to some people?” It was clear to reporters at the scene President Clinton was deliberately being a dick about what he was up to on Super Tuesday.

At press time, another petition with 300 million signatures declared this event an indisputable example of a dick move.