Palm Beach, FL (WRT) – After pledging his support for Donald Trump and giving positive opening remarks for Trump’s Super Tuesday speech, Governor Chris Christie had a moment of realization and panic about what he was doing for maybe the first time in his entire life.

“Oh no… ooohhh noooo, what have I done” Christie thought to himself.


“This is bad, oh this is bad, this is real bad”


“I just told the world that this guy is the future of the Republican party and that he will bring the Republican party together, oh god what did I just do ohhhhhhhhhhhh”


“I’m going to be responsible for the nuclear skirmish this guy has with the middle east, I know I am, this is worse than a moment of weakness on my part, what is New Jersey going to think, this is the worst, ohhhhhh goooooodddd”


At press time, Governor Chris Christie was seen trembling back stage as he dealt with the first real brain functions his body and mind had ever endured in his entire life.