Portland, ME (WRT) – During a Donald Trump speaking engagement Thursday afternoon, a disabled reporter in the crowd could be seen deliberately mocking able bodied Donald Trump. The event has been called universally “outrageous.”

The reporter, who suffers from a joint condition,  successfully made it look as if he had no condition at all in order to properly portray Donald Trump’s facial expression and pose. Sources confirmed that the reporter was referencing a time he and Donald Trump had met.

“Now this super racist presidential candidate, you should have seen this candidate” he continued, before launching into an apparent impression of Donald Trump by stabilizing his arms and hands long enough to comb all the hair on the back of his head to the front.

“I got a small loan of a million dollars from my dad, uhhh, I’m going to build a 12 billion dollar border wall uhhh. He’s going like “We need to deport all the illegal immigrants because they’re bringing rapists here.”

A Donald Trump spokeswoman told World Report Today: “We think it’s completely outrageous that this reporter would ridicule the appearance of our own candidate.” Trump’s campaign has not issued an official statement, but the tycoon took to Twitter to express his feelings about the event.