West Palm Beach, Florida (WRT) – On a trip back to Florida over the weekend to freshen up before the New Hampshire primaries, Ben Carson became increasingly unsure about whether or not he wanted to eat the crust on his slice of pizza.

“This pizza is really good, and I really want to show them that I appreciate this, but I’m getting kind of full” Carson mumbled as he ate progressively slower.

“Mm… that crust looks really crusty too. That’s going to be kind of hard on my teeth. But then again I don’t think I’ll be eating for another three hours” Carson said to himself while raising the pizza up and down from his plate. “There isn’t a trashcan nearby either. I really don’t want to just have a plate with crust on it.”

“Maybe I shouldn’t have gotten this in the first place.”

At press time, Carson was looking slightly agitated as he awkwardly stood around campaign volunteers, attempting to spark up conversation so he could delay his pizza crust decision.