(Photo Credit: Myself, that is me with my submersible camera taking a photo of my brilliant sand circle.)

My Diving Spot, Earth (WRT) – Contrary to popular belief that male puffer fish create these sand circles in a mating ritual, actually I myself dive down and cut these geometric structures from the sand using nothing but a small plastic shovel.

The small plastic shovel can be easily obtained from any surf shop. My favorite of which is called the Beach Bizarre. So no, male puffer fish do not utilize their bodies to make notches and valleys in a geometric circle on the sea floor, that is absurd and quite frankly insulting to my very unique craft.

Puffer fish are merely fish, they have no real skills, and are not all that unique to other fish. Despite this, I must give credit to the male puffer fish who took the photo of me taking a photo of my sand circle.