Seattle, WA (WRT) – Fuller House premiered this week on Netflix, and fans of the beloved sitcom gathered around their televisions and computers to relive the magic of the original series. But why is there no Frasier reboot?

I am going to hold my breath for the next 100 days or until there is a Fraiser reboot on Netflix. Is America not ready for a continuation of the adventures of Seattle psychiatrist Frasier Crane, and his neurotic but well-meaning brother, Niles Crane? I am ready, America. You should follow my example and hold your breath or threaten Hollywood with some kind of fire in order to get the reboot that we, as a nation, deserve.

You may be asking yourself several serious questions right about now, like, “What will we call the show?” and “Does anyone want this show?” and, “What is Frasier?” I am happy to answer any questions or concerns you have.

1. What will the show be called?

Frasierer: The Continued Misadventures of the Brothers Crane

2. Who will star in the show?

Kelsey Grammer will play every character, a la Norbit, except for Niles Crane, who will be played by David Hyde Pierce.

3. What will be the premise of the show?

After the death of their father (SPOILERS) Frasier and Niles will be on television again, with their own show, and all of us will watch it and love it.

 4. I am going to hold my breath until this happens.

I am glad you are also going to hold your breath with me. If enough of us hold our breaths, we will not have to worry about there not being a Frasier reboot called Frasierer.

5. One Time I Saw a Picture of Kelsey Grammer Looking at Some Birds, is That Good Enough?

Unless Kelsey Grammer was reprising the role of Frasier Crane for the amusement of the American audience, then your “picture of him looking at some birds,” is a canon of failure and lies and I will not be tricked by you, Devil.

6. Is David Hyde Pierce Alive?

David Hyde Pierce is alive and starred in the 2013 Apocalyptic Action Adventure, David Hyde Snowpiercer. He played the train.

7. Are You Sure This Picture of Kelsey Grammer Looking at Some Birds is Not Good Enough?

What part of Frasierer are you not understanding, here?

8. What about Lilith?

What about Lilith? Get your head out of the clouds! The era of Lilith is over. Welcome to the second coming of Frasier.

If we can get our voices heard, we can move on to bigger projects! Like the Fresh Middle Aged Dad of Bel-Air, or Cheers 2: Norm’s Last Stand.