Los Angeles, CA (WRT) – Vice President Joe Biden, making a surprise appearance at the Oscars Sunday night, was stunned to realize that he was at the Oscars.

“…I thought this was movie night with Oscar, I didn’t.. I didn’t realize that this was the Oscars.” said a baffled Vice President to a crowd of confused stars. “I’m starting to think that this Oscar fellow I keep hearing about isn’t even a real guy, I mean, what the actual hell, right?” the Vice President stated as the venue grew silent.

“I’ve been so busy advocating for abused women and men I just wanted a nice night out, and I mean, we can and will change the culture so no abused woman or man will think they did anything wrong. But is some free time for Joe too much to ask?”

Joe Biden was seen walking awkwardly around the stage for a few minutes until Chris Rock attempted to point the Vice President in the right direction.