Washington, DC (WRT) – After spending the last seven years solving problems around the globe, the President decided now was the time he could get away with figuring out “what the hell Breaking Bad even is.”

“Breaking Bad really wasn’t all that good, it just started to really suck, so instead I’ve been watching Family Guy for the last few hours now” said Obama with his eyes barely open. “Of course I’m only watching the first few seasons, the good shit.”

With no other lights on in the room, it wasn’t apparent that Obama had set up a TV on one of the couches in the Oval Office. “People have been trying to get in here all day. Everybody thinks I’ve been in a emergency Pentagon briefing this whole time” the President said as he got some sort of meat snack out of the microwave on his desk. “I mean, let’s be realistic, they’re not going to find out. But if they did, what are they going to do, fire me?”

At press time, Obama had not figured out a plan to get the TV and the smell of sweat out of the Oval Office before tomorrow morning.