NORAD, US (WRT) – Based on data obtained by international organizations that track satellites, it was revealed North Korea’s brand new Kwangmyongsong or “Shining Star” satellite passed over the Super Bowl game. The data released also indicated the satellite appears to be an Olympus D-380 Digital camera.

Once the news broke and it was clear the satellite wasn’t used for “weather tracking, mapping natural resources, and forest distribution” as originally claimed by Pyongyang, Pyongyang released a new statement claiming the Supreme Leader had observed the Super Bowl.

“The Supreme Leader takes pity in such American entertainment, the ‘Broncos’ deserve no glory for throwing an incorrectly shaped ball” the statement said. Pyongyang also indicated that it was excited to eventually “log the recorded footage” after Kwangmyongsong Three could retrieve the satellite.

At press time, Kwangmyongsong Three appears to be a slightly newer digital camera.