New York, NY (WRT) – In a follow up to Donald Trump’s last Thursday night GOP debate statement that “the wall just got ten feet taller”, Donald Trump has released part of the blueprint for the updated wall plan featuring the added height for Mexico’s President to look over.

“What do you think of this, ya dick?” Donald Trump stated to the press Tuesday afternoon in a Kindergarten class, where he had drew the blueprint himself with the help of another more artistically inclined child. “Even these kids can figure this out, these are kids, they’re not smart, they’re very stupid. But I can tell you that they’ll work harder than you could ever imagine building the wall you’re going to give us the money for.”

“The only dumber people than these children is the government of Mexico, and Mexican children who come here and flood our classrooms and can’t even speak English.”

At press time, we couldn’t even believe this shit.