Palm Beach, FL (WRT) – Responding to the accusation that his speeches incite violence, Trump took to the Palm Beach stage more furious than ever to correct his record. Trump explained as he took the podium that he has never condoned any sort of violence while wiping away the blood of one event protester from his forehead.

“I have never, ever, condoned violence at my rallies. My supporters are passionate. I’m just as passionate. They care about their first amendment rights.” Trump explained.

“These protesters are trying to make sure I can’t even speak, and they say they’re for the constitution! I’ll tell you what, now I’d actually cause real violence for my first amendment right, you better believe it if you’re blocking my way up to this podium, there’s going to be hell to pay.” Trump said while blood started dripping out of one of his sleeves.

“I’d fight for my first amendment right, I’d even brawl for my first amendment right. I’d punch them in the face until their forehead started bleeding all over my suit, that I think I’ll sue them for too, because this is just ridiculous, it’s everywhere.”

“How did it even get inside my jacket, unbelievable.”