Silicon Valley, CA – (WRT) Speculation is growing over just what exactly the Samsung Galaxy S7 will look like. Boasting some serious hardware, the Samsung Galaxy S7 will be the biggest gadget released by the company in 2016. The best guarded secret of the industry? What it is going to look like.

Is this the new Galaxy S7?

phone 2]]

What about this?

phone 3

Is this the hottest release of 2016?

phone 4

The Galaxy S7 is so mysterious, I’m not even sure what it is. It could be anything, or anyone. Is the new Galaxy S7 this?

charles barkley

This picture of Charles Barkley? Is this going to be the Galaxy S7?

phone 5

Is this what a cell phone is? Is this what people think is cool?

phone 6

This is a handsome looking cell phone. Pre-order one before they run out.