Seoul, South Korea (WRT) – Without announcement this afternoon Samsung released information about their next model of Galaxy phone, promising in a press release that this would be “the edgiest one yet”.

The new phone, which looks exactly like a Galaxy S6 Edge, and is made out of what appears to be a Galaxy S6 Edge, introduces the future of aesthetic phone design. The flagship upgrade being a set of sunglasses the phone appears to be wearing.

“The sunglasses introduce an increased edge factor to the Galaxy’s specs” the press release stated. “Keeping up with new technology is easy, what’s hard is to achieve something that is appealing culturally to everyone.”

Such a radical change in design may be in response to a series of lawsuits between Samsung and Apple. Apple who owns the patent on “Cool Looking Technology” has continuously been fighting Samsung for offering similar cool looking technology. Samsung has argued back that their company only sells “Very Cool Looking Technology”, and that their latest flagship phone model is evidence of this.

At press time, there is no indication whether or not the Samsung S7 Edge’s sunglasses would be offered in white.