Washington, DC (WRT) – After days filled with tension and deadlock, Sen. John Cornyn was applauded by Congress when he brought S. 2407 to the floor, a vote to replace all Congressional seating with foamy multi-colored bean bag chairs.

“The American people need us to pay attention to their everyday problems, we cannot just sit here, uncomfortable, and deny to talk about problems facing everyday Americans.” said Cornyn as he walked slowly to the front of the podium.

“The American people need our support… they need our support back.” Cornyn explained as he positioned himself next to an easel holding a large poster with a cloth over it. “They need back support. And not just back support, we need comfort, fun, and stimulating relaxation.”

“That’s why I propose that we do something about it.” the senator said tearing off the curtain over a large graphic of a bean bag chair accompanied by a thunderous applause that could be heard throughout the building.

At press time, the House was preparing for an emergency session to review the bill.