Madison, WI (WRT) – After decades of educating the general public about pollution and instituting programs that upheld environmental protections, residents still can’t get over how incredibly polluted the lakes still are.

“I would say that I support cleaning up the lake. If they draft legislation that resulted in a city ordinance on cleaning up the environment, I’d support it.” a University of Wisconsin student said while song writing in a park. “It’s about time they put the environment first.”

“I mean, the lake is pretty bad, and that’s what happens when people pollute” another local told WRT on his way to work. “People aren’t paying attention, you know? I suppose they forget about important things they just sorta take for granted. But I hope they realize the necessity at some point.”

At press time, we could not get in contact with “they” to follow up on whether or not they had plans to clean up the lake.