Atlanta International, GA (WRT) – After a heightened terror alert due to the Brussels attacks this week, TSA officials have made it necessary for airports to step up security measures.

If you’re flying after Wednesday, you will be required at most international airports to take off your shoes, and your entire foot from the ankle down in order to make sure prohibited materials are not being hidden inside the heel of the actual foot itself.

“Shoe bombers were a big deal just a decade ago, now a days a terrorist could easily replace the bones in their own foot with flammable gels.” Mark Bury, an airport official explained. “We’re still trying to make sure that security itself isn’t too invasive, so no you won’t need to bring your own bone saw, and we have surgeons waiting right after we wheel you through the metal detector.”

We inquired with one flyer who had experienced the updated security method, and he wasn’t all that put off by the Saw-like safety measure either. “It’s not that big of a deal really, it’s for our own protection. Like how we give up a little privacy to the NSA to keep us safe. The surgeon says the nerves will grow back restoring feeling to my feet in eight to ten years… that’s much better than being killed by [SIC] an ISIS.”