Los Angeles, CA (WRT) – Kanye West, after years of poking fun at the idea that he might be a god, revealed Sunday night that he actually is God.

Previous theories about which god, or what kind of god Kanye West might be, were struck down late last night during a series of tweets where West stated “i am actual god, the trials of my life are just #Inspiration #Yeezus”

Kanye West’s series of tweets, or now known as The Commandments, will be etched into government monuments across the nation in response to his follow up decry “Governments will teach about me in every school so kids KNOW.”

Flash drives will also be embedded in the stone that will be placed at the end of the new Commandments at each respective monument. Their purpose is not yet definite, but the tweet “buy my music on tidal 99 CENT downloaDs now for real #Yeezus” indicates the flash drives will feature 99 cent downloads of prominent religious West hymns for the poor.

At press time, God was seen tweeting President Barack Obama asking for the Presidency.